Teens and self-image. Looking for a nose job in NYC? Ask the best rhinoplasty surgeon NYC and Long Island.The teen years are some of the most difficult times that we will go through. The body is developing in new ways, hormones are flowing heavier than ever before, and there is the added difficulty of discovering where to fit into this world.

If you’re the parent of a teenager, you never want to see your child suffer from low self-esteem or body image issues. Unfortunately, it is a common occurrence for teens.

Here are a couple of ways you can help your son or daughter embrace themselves as the wonderful human being they truly are.

Talk to Your Teen Often

Teenagers are usually very reluctant when it comes to talking to their parents. But if you let them know you are there for them by starting an open dialogue every day, you will see that your relationship will grow stronger.

If your teenager feels comfortable about asking you for advice, you can help guide them in the right direction when it comes to anything from dating to drugs.

Find an Activity to Do Together

One of the best ways for a teenager to improve their self-image is to participate in a hobby or sport that they are passionate about. Whether your teen enjoys soccer or painting, expressing themselves through doing what they love is a great way to boost their confidence.

Your teen will get the added benefit of meeting other people that share their same interests. This will help them make friends and feel good about themselves.

If the hobby or sport is something that you can do together, it will be a good opportunity to spend time with each other. If not, you can cheer for them in the sidelines.

Mentoring Your Teen

A mentor is an important role model in a teen’s life. It may be you, or it may be another adult that your teen trusts such as a relative, family friend, teacher, or youth pastor.

Having a mentor helps teenager receive guidance in the direction they have to go in order to achieve their goals and become the person they want to be.

Body Image

Any parent today remembers how awkward the teen years were for them. Today’s teens have even more pressure to look and be perfect. Parents of teens these days are sometimes presented with the issue of their teenager wanting plastic surgery in order to change the way they look.

If you are unsure about how to talk to your teenager about plastic surgery, give our centers a call today. We will provide you and your teen with the best advice about rhinoplasty and why it is most often the best decision to wait.

Getting a nose job in NYC or Long Island with our expert surgeons is extremely safe and produces permanent results. Unfortunately, for a teenager, timing is sometimes an issue due to their age.

If you are looking for the best rhinoplasty surgeon NYC (according to many of our patients) then the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team is an excellent choice. With many years of experience, proper qualifications, and hundreds of happy patients, you’ll be glad you came in to meet them!