Visual Surgery Shows Rhinoplasty Patients What to Expect

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The Business Insider, a well-known and reputable online magazine, recently published an article in which the author describes her experience with “morphing” or what plastic surgeons call visual surgery. The technology enables prospective patients see what their results could look like after cosmetic surgery.

The author of the post, Megan Willett, allowed a plastic surgeon to use image manipulation software to show what her face could look like after a brow lift, rhinoplasty, lip injections, and facial filler. Each before-and-after image shows what the author could look like if she selected one or more facial plastic surgery procedures.

Willett reports it took 45 minutes for her, but for some people it could take longer. First, they have to take pictures of the face from many different angles. Once the pictures are taken, they are uploaded to the software, and then they are tweaked to show changes the patient and doctor find desirable.

What’s important to note is even though the visual surgery does provide a good depiction of what someone could look like after cosmetic surgery, it’s not 100 percent accurate. It is only useful in providing an idea of what the changes could make a patient look like.

Surgery Simulation Software

Visual software technology shows you what your nose could look like after a rhinoplasty. This software offers 3D simulations of the breasts and face after aesthetic and plastic procedures. These simulations are based on standard 2D photos that the software then transforms into 3D images.

The surgeon will first take pictures of you from many different directions. Once they are uploaded to the web-based application, you can see you how your nose could transform after surgery.

You can see what you would look like with a shorter nose, a more defined tip, or hump removal on the bridge. A facial plastic surgeon using this technology will detail every step of the potential cosmetic surgery, describing the procedure he would perform to help you achieve your goals.

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