Some plastic surgeries are easier to hide than others. A dramatic breast augmentation doesn’t happen overnight without some saline or silicone involved, lines cannot be instantly erased without a facelift or fillers, and a hump on the nose doesn’t just disappear without some serious surgical skill involved.

So why do so many celebrities still deny plastic surgery rumors? Today, plastic surgery is as expected for celebrities as makeup, expensive designer clothing, and a rigorous workout routine. In this day and age, it is strange that so many stars are ashamed of the work they’ve had done–and will deny any accusations of plastic surgery.

Pressure to be Perfect…NaturallyWhy Do Some Celebrities Lie About Plastic Surgery?

While makeup and airbrushing are clearly artificial, they are accepted as part of the industry of making people look good. Why not plastic surgery?

Though the public is aware of celebrity artifice, most people want to believe that celebrities are born pretty, perfect, and don’t age. Admitting their beauty isn’t natural, though not shameful, is something celebrities would rather not do.

Subtle Surgeries

Facial plastic surgeons have a great deal of artistic skill and ability to customize features such as the nose to produce the most pleasing results. The goal of most surgery is to produce a natural look that complements the features without overpowering them. While it’s easy to speculate on a star’s breast augmentation, a rhinoplasty can be much harder to detect–good news if you don’t want everyone to know you’ve had plastic surgery.

Next Steps

Are you interested in a natural-looking rhinoplasty to enhance your beauty? Even if you don’t want the whole world to know about it, a well-performed rhinoplasty produces subtle results that can dramatically improve the look of the face.

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