Rhinoplasty was one of the first cosmetic surgeries to appear in the world, and it remains to this day one of the procedures most requested by patients. Unfortunately, rhinoplasty also has a higher revision rate than other popular procedures, due to the complicated nature of the surgery. But why is this?

Partly because a successful rhinoplasty surgeon needs to understand all of the following:

Finesse and subtlety:

The nose is a dominating facial feature that heavily influences the overall appearance of the face. Subtle changes are usually enough to produce noticeable improvement. Since over correction can create a host of aesthetic and functional problems, a surgeon must know when to stop.

Artistry and facial harmony:

Plastic surgery involves a great deal of artistry. Creating a natural, beautiful nose that fits with the other facial features is a challenge, and only the most skilled surgeons can create beautiful, custom noses.


Everyone learns through experience, but you don’t necessarily want to be the guinea pig! Rhinoplasty surgeons should be confident and experienced enough to produce good results.

 Understanding of nasal structure and function:

The nose is essential to proper breathing and smell. If internal structures are damaged or changed, the patient can experience trouble breathing or suffer nasal collapse.

FAQ - Why is Rhinoplasty So Complicated? | Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New YorkDon’t Take Chances

Many surgeons are missing one or more of these key elements. Don’t leave your nose in inexperienced hands! You can maximize your chances for a good outcome by maintaining your health, selecting a top-notch facial plastic surgeon, and following your doctor’s instructions before and after surgery. What are some other things to look for in a rhinoplasty surgeon?

  • Board certification
  • A history of excellent outcomes
  • Trustworthiness
  • Compassion

Do your homework before choosing the surgeon that’s right for you. Consultations allow you to communicate with prospective surgeons one on one and discuss possible approaches for your surgery.

If you’re ready to start meeting with rhinoplasty experts, contact our New York or Long Island nose job facilities to schedule a free consultation with our experienced Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team.