In most cases, rhinoplasty surgery is safe and successful, rarely causing serious complications. Of course, there are always exceptions to this rule, most often when patients cut corners on research and choose an unscrupulous nose job surgeon.

Such a case occurred recently in Shanghai, China, when a young woman went in to have her nose reshaped.

Irreversible Damage

In April, a twenty-year-old patient arrived at an unlicensed clinic in Shanghai for nose job surgery. She was given two injections of ossein in her nose, and soon realized she could not see out of her left eye.

Shanghaiist reports that a doctor at the hospital the young woman was taken to is not optimistic about restoring vision in the eye. He believes the injections blocked the vein leading to the eye.

Unlicensed Doctor

The “doctor” performing the procedure managed to botch the procedure terribly, through simply injecting a dangerous material. According to Shaghaiist: “Despite the fact that he did not have a license to practice medicine, Huang turned a small, rented apartment into a makeshift private clinic equipped with the bare essentials, police said.”

Woman Blinded in Left Eye from Illegal Rhinoplasty Clinic - Nose JobPutting Safety First

Tragedies such as these can be easily prevented with proper research and planning. Always put safety and surgical outcome ahead of factors such as price and convenience.

Though it may be tempting to go to the cheapest surgeon available, the potential costs of such a choice can be devastating. You could end up simply unhappy with your outcome, or become disfigured, blind, or worse.

In those types of situations, the question, “Is rhinoplasty worth it?” can be answered with a definitive, “No!”

Remember, good rhinoplasty surgeons:

  • Are licensed and board-certified
  • Specialize in facial plastic surgery
  • Have a great deal of experience
  • Have an excellent safety record
  • Educate their patients
  • Put patients’ needs first
  • Customize their surgical approach for each case
  • Possess honesty, integrity, and a good bedside manner
  • Operate out of an accredited facility (hospital or surgical center)

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